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What will it be like to be at a new residency?

As a new residency program, you will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty to test the curriculum, pilot new ideas, make changes that will affect those that will follow you. You will need to be flexible, keep an open mind, contribute to the discussion, and collaborate with team members right from the start. We are looking for graduates who have a pioneering spirit and are up to the challenge of a new program. If this describes you, we want you to join us!

What kind of applicants are you looking for?

We are looking for applicants that show commitment to family medicine, a true desire to learn and grow and to serve our patient population.

What type of board scores are necessary to get into your program?

Kaiser Residency and Fellowship programs across California tend to be very competitive. However, each program reviews candidates and looks at the total package so scores are only a portion of what we review . It is important to have a well-rounded application that includes solid board scores, community involvement, a clearly defined passion for family medicine, and letters of recommendation that capture your clinical and personal strengths.

Does Kaiser accept International Medical students?

The new San Jose Family Medicine Residency Program will accept and review applications from all students who have successfully completed their medical education requirements, be it in the US or abroad.

What type of research opportunities are available?

Residents can work on a variety of projects. Our robust EMR lends to easy data retrieval. With support from our regional division of research, clinical questions and quality improvement ideas are abundant. Residents will be teamed with their advisor for initial and ongoing planning of their projects. 

I’m going to be busy. How can I thrive and still stay fit?

The South Bay is an excellent place to easily stay active, regardless of your interests. There are dozens of hiking and biking trails of various lengths and intensities, which are accessible most of the year thanks to the beautiful California weather. You will also be within driving distance of ski slopes in Tahoe, miles of beaches, and gorgeous campgrounds. Our excellent Physician Health and Wellness Council organizes events for physicians on a monthly basis, so when your busy resident life makes it hard to plan, the planning is done for you! If you want to squeeze in a quick workout during your time on campus, there is a 24-hour employee gym, weekly bootcamps in the grass, and a 1-mile loop that encircles the medical center. Our faculty also thrive in their own unique ways, so if you like to run, bike, swim, surf, dance, or do gym workouts, you will be in good company. And most importantly, our residency curriculum is deliberately designed with your well-being in mind. We want you to thrive not just as physicians but also personally!

Do you have university affiliations?

We are affiliated with UCSF, as well as having working relationships with Boston University, Stanford, and of course the upcoming KP School of Medicine, since we will have regular students from these schools. Our affiliation with UCSF allows us to access training opportunities, primarily for faculty, and interact with their FM residency network on a regular basis.

Are there opportunities for off-campus or international rotations?

Yes! Our electives allow for incredible flexibility. Off campus electives can be taken at other Kaiser medical centers, UC San Francisco, community clinics, private offices, or international locations. The Kaiser Permanente Global Health Program funds licensed residents in a variety of programs, connecting with hospitals and non-profits in Ugenya, Kenya, Lusaka, Zambia, Da Nang, Vietnam, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, and Ecuador, as well as other internationally-based programs.

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