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Medical Scholars Pathway: 2022 Community Health Internship

The Kaiser Permanente Medical Scholars Pathway (MSP) is offering a year-long internship opportunity for dedicated and motivated premedical students currently attending community college. We have a strong commitment to providing our students with the opportunities to gain clinical skills through serving their community.

Our Community Health internship program utilizes service-learning projects and interactive sessions to expose MSP students to the skills and foundation necessary for them to conduct and sustain their very own community-based health promotion interventions. MSP students will participate in all aspect of implementation, program evaluation and program improvement.

MSP students will participate in 2 research-based programs: Community Health Education and Engagement in Research (CHEER) and the Leadership Forum. Each program will expose you to faculty, staff and physicians at Kaiser Permanente.

Community Health Education and Engagement in Research

The CHEER curriculum is a 3-week program focused on introducing health disparities and the ways community-based research can address health disparities and data collection and analyzes basics.


  1. Describe what health disparities are and how communities are affected
  2. Learn how community needs may be assessed through community-based participatory research
  3. Understand the basics of the research process including but not limited to the extraction, collection, interpretation, and dissemination of data
  4. Learn how to interpret and work with data typically gathered in the evaluation of a community-based intervention.


  • Orientation: TBD (2 hours) prior to week 1
  • Week1: July 18 (10-12pm), July 20th
  • Week 2: July 25, July 27th
  • Week 3: August 1st, August 3rd, August 8th (10a-12p)

Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum is a year-long, multi-session program led by Kaiser Permanente community medicine fellows, public health students, medical students and Kaiser Permanente physicians. The purpose of the forum is to provide opportunities for the pre-health students to develop their professionalism, leadership skills and the soft skills needed to take part in community health interventions and community-based research.

Community Health Curriculum Objectives


  1. Learn about the field of Community Health and Public Health
  2. Learn and Conduct your very own qualitative Needs Assessment: Photovoice
  3. Review the process of designing, evaluating, and sustaining a community-based health promotion intervention for you to implement your own community service project.
  4. Learn about the public health theories that are the basis for the health coaching techniques we will be practicing during our community-based intervention


  1. Describe the Principles of Community Advocacy
  2. Describe the steps in developing health policy and policy analysis
  3. Describe what health policy is and its importance and influence on the health of populations
  4. Learn the basic structure of the U.S. healthcare system
  5. Learn how to promote your policy to elected representative

Leadership Forum Curriculum Objectives


  1. Develop personal awareness about your interactions within members of your team
  2. Learn how to apply your understanding of your social styles and communication styles to work more effectively with others
  3. Learn how to how emotional intelligence can help in better managing relationships


  1. Describe the 6 traits of being an inclusive Leader
  2. Learn how to mitigate imposter syndrome through developing Executive Presence
  3. Learn how to apply the 6 traits of inclusive leadership to transition from Advocate to Change Agent.


Leadership Forum is held throughout the academic year starting with 2 sessions in September, followed by monthly sessions throughout the remainder of the year. Session dates are to be announced however, they are typically held on Friday afternoons from 1:30-5:30 PM.

Program Criteria & Application

  • Application deadline is June 1, 2022
  • Must participate in both CHEER and Leadership Forum
  • Must be a current 2nd or 3rd year community college student at the time of submitting an application
  • Must be available the complete the entire duration of CHEER and the Leadership Forum
  • Demonstrated commitment and achievement in community health and culturally sensitive care
  • Must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Attend all mandatory sessions and complete mandatory assignments
  • Must be on a full-time pre-health educational track
  • Participate in DOCC club
  • Applications must include:
    • Completed application
    • Letter of recommendation from a counselor or professor


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