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Let the Month Begin!

Posted by Thao Nguyen, MD (a third year pediatric resident from Kaiser Permanente Oakland serving a global health elective at Issa Trust Foundation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica).


After half a day of traveling from San Jose, California with 2 stops, and being delayed at Miami Airport, I finally arrived to Jamaica very very late last night. On top of that, my check-in baggage was missing, so I spent my first night in Jamaica unbathed and without any clothing change. However, when I arrived at the resort, everyone here was so incredibly accommodating and understanding. The manager of the resort even offered me a free shopping spree at the gift shop so I could have a change of clothes. I moved into the villa today and it is FABULOUS! I was informed by the front desk that my baggage should be delivered to the resort this evening….thank goodness! I was very worried since I have my clothes, toiletry, books, medications, and medical equipments in that bag. Anyhow, it’s been a rough start but I’m so thankful to be here. Jamaica is so beautiful! I’m very excited to start work tomorrow. Let the month begin!

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