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Community & Global Health - GME Global Health Liaison

Role and Responsibilities

The GME Liaison for the Global Health Program (GHP) will:

  • Serve on the GHP Advisory Committee to assist in the evaluation and selection process of potential sites for the GHP
  • Interact with Regional GME and GHP staff to maintain GHP information on the KP Residency web sites (both for prospective and current residents)
  • Assist in maintaining a current Global Health references and resources guide
  • Serve as a Global Health Program point-of-contact for residents
  • Deliver informational and educational sessions on Global Health and the Global Health Program both for prospective and current residents
  • This role is expected to take up approximately 2 hours per week

Term and Selection Process

  • The Resident Liaison will serve a term of one academic year during their chief resident year
  • Applications will be accepted in the spring for the upcoming academic year
  • Eligible residents are those who will serve as chief residents in the upcoming year
  • The selection will be made by the Global Health Program staff and the regional GME office

This application is currently closed.

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